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Open a Communal Savings Account

The Communal offers a variety of savings accounts to help you meet your savings goals.

From children to retirees, we have an account designed for you. With no monthly fees on any of our deposit accounts, start saving today and watch your money grow!

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Basic Savings

Let us help your money grow with a Communal deposit account.

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Special Savings

Need a bit of extra help to meet your savings goals? The Communal has special deposit accounts designed to help you reach your goals without thinking about it. Get started today, then sit back, relax and watch your savings grow.

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Children & Youth

A Communal savings account is a good way to start your child on the road to good financial management habits. Open a Communal account for your child today where they can watch their savings grow.

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Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is extremely important, especially as people are living longer and leading more active lives during their retirement. With our most attractive interest rates, The Communal is keen on helping you find greater financial comfort and peace of mind as you plan prudently for your golden years to come!

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Together for a Better Future

Our online application is quick and easy. Don’t wait, sign up today.

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